Snoring can effect dental health, especially in children

Did you know that snoring can have several effects on dental health, especially in children?
When a child snores at night, it can indicate that their breathing is partially obstructed. This obstruction limits the amount of oxygen that a child is able to inhale which can be harmful to their health & development.
The most significant effect snoring has on dental is incorrect development of the teeth & jaw. Which means in the future they will likely need to undergo teeth straightening! ( or worse, surgery! )
Reduced oxygen levels & dry mouth from excessive mouth breathing can also lead to increased risk of tooth decay & even gum problems.
Snoring can be a sign of various underlying medical conditions, such as sleep apnea, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, or nasal congestion.
Lack of sleep quality has also been linked to behavioural problems, weak concentration & even heart problems therefore, it is super important to identify the signs early & speak to your dentist if you have any concerns. ☝
Lastly, If your dentist doesn’t include an airway assessment find a new dentist! ….we hear Berwick Dental Studio is good.
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