Chipped and Broken Teeth

Broke a tooth while eating?

Suddenly found a chunk missing?

These type of dental emergencies can really have an impact on your day.

It is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. If the nerve becomes exposed, it can set off a toothache!

This may prevent further damage and sort out any pain you might be feeling.

This could be as easy as a simple polish for very minor chipping, fillings for something a little bigger or more complex treatment for extensive breakdowns.

Next, we must work out what caused it…so it doesn’t happen again!

Possible causes include tooth decay, accidental trauma, and worst of all: teeth grinding and clenching!

If you have a broken tooth, don’t delay! It will only get worse with time!

Frequently Asked Questions


If you chip or break part of your tooth, you mightn’t feel any pain so it may be tempting to skip or delay a visit to the dentist. But doing so can lead to further damage to your tooth. The chip may allow bacteria to infect your tooth, causing irreversible damage.

A cracked tooth will not heal on its own. Unlike your bones, which have a lot of blood vessels and are therefore able to repair themselves, tooth enamel does not have any blood supply and is not able to repair itself when damaged. You cannot simply wait for the crack to heal on its own.

It might be tempting to ignore and leave a broken tooth untreated, but it’s wise if you don’t. Leaving a broken tooth untreated can lead to tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and ultimately, tooth loss.


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