Teeth Whitening

Did you know the ideal shade of your teeth should match the whites of your eyes?

At Berwick Dental Studio, we have tested many leading whitening products to find the best combination of FASTEST SPEED and LEAST DISCOMFORT. We all agreed on a premium product made right here in Melbourne!!

To suit your lifestyle, our whitening can be done in two ways which work equally well…

1. Take Home Whitening:

  • Cheaper
  • Minimal sensitivity
  • Convenience of Home application
    30mins a day! Do this while watching your favourite TV show!
  • Maximum whiteness!
    After 2 weeks, you have the same whitening result as in office whitening. You get better result than in office whitening if used on a regular basis!
  • Long Term Whitening Result
    The whitening trays can then be used again and again, every time your teeth starts to feel yellow again.
  • Highest strength product! See results immediately!
    Highest % of active whitening ingredient legally only to be prescribed by dentists.
  • Custom made trays!
    Perfect application every time.
  • Absolutely NO FIDDLY LIGHTS.

Start transforming your smile now in as little as 30minutes a day! Call Now!

2. In Office Whitening:
For people who have a busy life, or have 2 days left before they get married!
In under 1 hour, your teeth will whiten by up to 8 shades.
A take home whitening kit is recommended after this procedure, both to further whiten and to maintain whiteness for years to come.

Professional whitening do NOT damage teeth in any way. It works by opening the “pores” on your teeth, allowing trapped stains to be released. Opening of these pores will cause some sensitivity, which disappears completely within a day or two as the pores close once more. In fact, the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria in gums and helps keep gums healthy!

Here are some of our results!

Frequently Asked Questions


Teeth whitening is not a painful procedure; however there may occasionally be minor discomfort due to tooth sensitivity in some patients afterwards.

No. Certain foods, drinks, and tobacco will still stain your teeth – even following the procedure. Avoiding items like coffee, carbonated drinks, soy sauce, pasta sauce, and red and white wine can help you maintain your newly whitened teeth.

It is best to avoid acidic foods and beverages after teeth whitening treatment. The bleaching agent in the whitening gel may make teeth sensitive, and acidic foods and beverages can further irritate them.


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