TMJ – Jaw pain is a small term with a large meaning.

The offical Dental reference is TMJ (Temporomandibular joint). If you’ve ever had jaw pain, I’m certain you would’ve experienced headaches, jaw clicking, sore teeth leading to sensitivity, neck/ shoulder pain and more.
The main solution to help reduce jaw pain and everything else that may be occurring for you, is a custom made night guard made in our In- house lab.
These are similar to a retainer only more heavy duty and especially made to reduce clenching, grinding and any damage to your teeth.
Sometimes a mouth guard isn’t enough for those extra stressed people with very strong jaw muscles.
We also offer Muscle relaxant injections to provide instant relief and ease the tension in the jaw. Within no time you will notice reduced neck pain, less headaches and no more clicking!
Consult today about your TMJ and we will help you out and see what option works best especially for you!
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Teeth Grinding and/or Clenching Lead to Cracked Tooth

A very sad tooth..
Here is a photo of what can happen if you do nothing about your grinding and/or clenching.
This patient severely clenched and ground down their teeth to the point it broke!
Something you should always be paying attention to is whether you clench or grind your teeth. Maybe your doing it while your reading this..
Their are several negative risks for your oral health if you don’t do anything about it. This can result in things such as tooth damage (as you can see above), tooth fractures, jaw pain (TMJ), sleep disruption, gum recession, changes in tooth alignment, ear pain and even emotional stress.
If you experience any of these let us help you protect your teeth and prevent anymore damage!
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