What are fissures seals? 🦷

What are fissures seals? 🦷🦭
Fissure seals or sealants are a thin coating of plastic resin material placed in the deep grooves of the teeth, most commonly preformed on molars.
They are frequently done on children once their permanent molars come through but can still be done on adults for preventative treatment!
What benefits do they have?
The material fills up the deep grooves & pits in the teeth that toothbrushes can’t often clean, preventing food and bacteria seeping deep into the tooth. Which could lead to decay & the need for a filling. 😥
The best thing about sealants is that in most cases no 💉 is required & they are super duper quick! ⏰
We highly recommend fissure seals to anyone wanting to avoid problems early! 👊🏼
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