Introducing Mr. Oleg, our Expert Dental Prosthetist‍

Are you tired of missing teeth ruining your smile? Mr. Oleg is here to help! Focusing solely on dentures, he ensures seamless transitions and delivers top-notch quality with each creation.
Patients and dental professionals alike highly praise Mr. Oleg’s dental prosthetics. You can expect natural-looking dentures that blend in perfectly with your remaining teeth
Remember: he’s not A denture guy. He’s THE denture guy!
Want to book an appointment with Mr. Oleg? Berwick Dental Studio offers flexible payment plans to make your smile goals a reality
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Our whole team had worked together to create our lovely patient Joanna’s new smile!
Joanna was after an even, whiter and gap free smile. She was truly committed to achieve this going ahead with crowns, veneers, a bridge, an implant and whitening!
Hard work really does pay off, look at that after!
Congratulations Joanna on finishing your dream smile journey.
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Pio came to us expressing his interest to fill his gaps and have a whiter, brighter, more even smile.
Dr. Adam had a time crunch to give him his dream smile before heading back home to visit his family!
He achieved the look with techniques such as composite crowns, porcelain crowns, and a partial denture to fill the gaps.
Pio and his wife were so thrilled with the results aswell as working with Dr.Adam, Mr. Oleg and our team.
We hope your family loved your new smile Pio!!
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Denture Transformation – Smile Again and Laugh with Absolute Relief✨

Seeing this denture transformation has warmed our hearts ☺️
Dr. Chu, Mr. Oleg and the team provided this patient to confidentially smile again and laugh with absolute relief!
At Berwick Dental Studio we provide multiple replacement options such as implants, dentures, bridges and cosmetic improvements.
Are you looking to fill those gaps or enhance that smile of yours to have a wholesome transformation just like this one? ☝️
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Missing Teeth Replacement

Looking to replace some missing teeth to bring back that complete smile but unsure what replacement option is best suited to you?
Read below to learn about each of the different teeth replacement options we offer!
What is an implant?
A dental implant is a screw surgically implanted into the jaw to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge or denture. With correct care & routinely dental checkups implants can last a lifetime, making them the most long term
replacement option!
What is a bridge?
A dental bridge is a fixed oral appliance that is used to replace one or more missing teeth. The bridge is anchored to the remaining adjacent
teeth to support the false tooth that is used to fill in the gap.
What is a denture?
A denture is a removable dental appliance that is used to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Dentures are often made of acrylic and are designed to fit comfortably over the gums. They can be held in place using natural suction, dental adhesive, or clips that attach to remaining natural teeth.
Keen to know more? Get in contact with us today & let us find you an appointment with our smile experts!
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Did you know we make dentures? 👄

Dentures are a great option for those looking to replace missing or damaged teeth while being one of the cheaper solutions. ☝🏽
The man behind the magic Oleg, our dental prosthetist makes the best dentures around. His expertise in the field allows him to create stunning dentures with a completely natural appearance & designs them so they are a perfect comfortable custom fit. ✨
A typical denture could take months to finish, but since Oleg does all the processing himself on-site, he can often complete dentures from start to finish in as little as TWO WEEKS! ⏰
Yourself or somebody you know looking to learn more or interested in replacing your old denture?
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