Our first Cosmetic OPEN DAY of the 2024 year!

We are excited to announce our first Cosmetic OPEN DAY of the year!
Are you sick of smiling without showing teeth?
Having gaps in your smile that you want filled?
Struggling to eat the foods you’ve been craving?
If you answered yes to any of the above, this day is calling your name!

Let’s transform your smile, build your confidence and work as a team so you can smile with no insecurities or restrictions.

A little bit more about the day…
1. You will receive our advanced Invisalign scan & smile simulation FREE of charge, valued at $400
2. You will be introduced to our AI powered treatment technology, allowing you to have FASTER results with LESS appointments and MORE feedback!
3. Food, show bags, refreshments. I mean come on!!

Secure your appointment ASAP so you don’t miss out. ‍♀️
Get in contact with us:☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

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Cosmetic Open Day on Saturday 04/05/2024!

Straight from self-conscious to self-assured!
Our amazing patient just completed their teeth straightening journey, and the results are jaw-dropping.
✨ Confidence boosted, smile perfected, and stoked for life!
We have a Cosmetic Open Day on Saturday 04/05!
Stay tuned for upcoming post for giveaways, clear aligners, porcelain veneers and dental implants promotion!
Get in contact with us to book in complimentary clear aligners consult!!
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

2024 is here!

New year, New Smile! ✨
Are you ready to transform your confidence and start 2024 with a cheesy grin? Let’s make this year about self-love and a glowing, confident you!
We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry like veneers, crowns, implants, dentures and Invisalign!
Did you want straighter teeth? Whiter teeth? More even teeth? A replacement option? Maybe something we haven’t listed, we’re here to give you your dream smile.
“Hmmm maybe not right now” that’s ok! But don’t forget to get into routine with your 6 monthly check up and cleans to stay on top of your oral health!
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806


Our team at Berwick Dental Studio is so ready to take on 2024 and tackle anything that comes our way, create new smiles and meet new faces!
Another year ticked off with awesome achievements, the best patients, jaw dropping smile transformations and next level teamwork!
We hope you are all enjoying your break, staying safe and resting up before we snap back into reality.
What’s your New Year’s resolution? Comment below!
PSA: We’re back as of tomorrow!
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY – Colgate exclusive laser take home whitening kit! ❄️

To celebrate the festive season, we are giving away a Colgate exclusive laser take home whitening kit!
All you have to do to enter is sign up to teeth straightening & start your Invisalign journey with us!
1. Book in for an Invisalign consult + assessment NOW, call: 90024060
2. Sign up to start Invisalign before the 18th of December to win!
A lucky winner ✨ will get the chance to have super pearly whites for their holidays this year!
Winners announced: 18th of December!
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

World Mental Health Day 2023 is held on the 10th of October.

It is an opportunity for people and communities to unite behind the theme “Mental health is a universal human right”.
Improving knowledge, raising awareness and working together to protect everyone’s mental health inside and outside of the workplace.
Here at Berwick Dental Studio we make everyone’s mental health a top priority, including staff, patients and our community.
Swipe to see how we keep ourselves sane at work with a bit of fun alongside the constant hustle!
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806


Get ready this year for one of the worlds greatest racing festivals, an amazing experience for horse racing fans and those new to sport.
From September 2023 the racing has already burst back to life with three action-packed months of racing, entertainment, fashion and fun across the state.
This leaves all of you plenty of time to get those pearly whites up to scratch for photos for a day full of smiles and fun.
We offer:
– Take home whitening: You can be consistent with your whitening throughout the whole spring carnival racing season from your own home!
– In chair whitening: Great for events like these, you lay back in chair & we get to make your teeth shiny and white for those last minute busy bees!
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806