Invisalign – Correcting Teeth Crowding and a Deep Bite

Smile goals achieved!
This patient came to us to correct the crowding in her teeth and a deep bite. Dr. Chu jumped to the rescue and gave her an Invisalign treatment plan to address her dental concerns.
In addition to the patient’s Invisalign journey, Dr Chu recommended whitening and bonding to fix the chipping in her front tooth and complete the new smile. We’re thrilled to see such exciting results!
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Achieve Straighter Teeth and a Radiant, Confident Smile

Discover Your Best Smile at Berwick Dental Studio
Do you often hide your smile because of crowded teeth or an overbite? Well, worry no more! At Berwick Dental Studio, we offer personalised and practical solutions to give you the perfect smile you deserve.
Our innovative approach, including discreet aligners, ensures you achieve straighter teeth and a radiant, confident smile that enhances your personal and professional life. So, don’t let dental issues hold you back any longer.
Ready for a transformation? Visit us, and let’s work together to give you a stunning and healthy smile that you’ll be proud to show off!
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Another remarkable Invisalign Smile Transformation journey unfolds at Berwick Dental Studio!

We assisted a patient with multiple concerns, including gaps in the upper and lower teeth, an overbite, and a scissor bite in the second molars. To address these issues, we recommended a comprehensive treatment plan featuring Invisalign aligners paired with home whitening for that impeccable final touch!
Throughout the treatment journey, we monitored the rounded shape of the patient’s teeth, which may create the illusion of gaps near the biting edges of the upper front teeth. Upon achieving beautifully aligned teeth, we then explored options such as fillings or veneers to perfect the smile’s appearance. ✨
At Berwick Dental Studio, our dedication lies in crafting personalized care and bespoke treatment plans tailored to your unique smile goals!
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Invisalign transforming smiles and boosting confidence!

✨ At Berwick Dental Studio, we’re all about transforming smiles and boosting confidence!
Recently, we had the pleasure of helping a patient address their concerns about crowding in the upper and lower teeth, along with a Class 2 bite where the lower jaw is further back compared to the upper jaw.
Our solution? Invisalign treatment!
With its clear aligners, Invisalign offers a discreet and comfortable way to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. After completing their Invisalign journey, our patient went through the next phase of their smile transformation – veneers and composite bonding.
With these cosmetic treatments, we enhanced the appearance of their teeth and crafted a smile they’ll be proud to show off!
If you’re ready to take the first step towards your dream smile, schedule a consultation with us today! Your smile transformation awaits.
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Invisalign Transformation – Crowded Teeth, Overbite, and Deep Bite Issues

Wondering how we tackled a patient’s crowded teeth, overbite, and deep bite issues at Berwick Dental Studio? Let us break it down for you!
With our expert care, we recommended Invisalign treatment for our patient. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign uses clear aligners to gradually straighten teeth and correct bite issues. These custom-made aligners are virtually invisible and comfortable to wear, making them a popular choice for patients of all ages. ✨
By wearing the aligners as directed by our dentist, our patient saw remarkable improvements in their smile over time.
But did you know that delaying treatment for crowded teeth, overbite, or deep bite issues can also affect how you chew or swallow? Untreated dental concerns can lead to difficulty chewing food properly and may even impact your ability to swallow comfortably.
Don’t wait any longer to address your dental concerns – contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to a straighter, healthier smile!
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A BRAND NEW SMILE! @invisalign and @pola_smile

Take a look at this stunning smile transformation using @invisalign and @pola_smile
Dr. Tony used Invisalign to straighten and widen our patient’s smile.
We’re thrilled with the outcome and hope you are too!
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A patient that was left very happy with her results! How could you not be?
A case strategically planned by Dr. Chu and worked on by our team, to align and perfect her smile.
With severe crowding and rotation of the teeth straightening was the only option to help this lady out!
To finish off the look inclusive at home whitening was done by our patient. Teamwork makes the dream work!
Finally Dr. Chu couldn’t leave it at that, to satisfy herself and the patient she polished the teeth until they were even along the bottom.
If you’ve thought about Invisalign.. see the results for yourself!
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Are you guilty of biting your nails?

We all have a habit we’re finding hard to give up.
If nail biting is yours, Invisalign can help you break the habit once and for all.
Invisalign aligners will create a barrier between your teeth and fingers, making it less convenient to persist with nail biting.
As your Invisalign journey progresses and the alignment improves, you may notice more confidence within yourself due to your smile.
This may motivate you to steer clear of any habits like this that may affect your oral health.
Think of it as a 2 in 1 deal! Time to work on you. Let’s stop that habit and feel better when you smile.
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Transform your smile with the smile experts ✨

This is Donna!
When Donna first came to us she was very eager to start her straightening journey & expressed she didn’t like her teeth crowding as it made things uncomfortable for her.
So eager that she started her straightening the same day she consulted with us!
Donna has been a breeze to work with and we were so happy to transform her smile so she can now feel comfortable and confident!
Well done Donna!
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