Invisalign for kids – Thumbs up if your braces free!!!

Thumbs up if your braces free!!!
These visits are always so exciting for us and our patients.
Years of hard work and patience from both ends, to receive a amazing smile at the end!
Dr. Tony left another patient satisfied and thrilled with their alignment results!
Congrats to you Angelina!!
A wait that was more than worth it!
The results truely speak form themselves.
Kids can start teeth straightening as soon as all adult teeth have erupted!
In some cases early orthodontic treatment can be treated to make movements easier whilst the jaw joints are still growing/forming.
But in most cases aligning won’t start until early teens.
It’s never to early or late to enquire about straightening and we will guide you the rest of the way with what suits you! ☺️
Congrats Nishitia on finishing your alignment journey with us!
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Invisalign for kids!

Let’s talk Invisalign for kids!…
Like many other people out there one of the main concerns about teeth straightening is it impacting their daily lifestyle, wether that be function or appearance. 🦷
Our patient being a competitive dancer who travels to the US to compete felt she needed to be confident with not only her dancing on stage but her smile as well. 💃🏼
Invisalign was the perfect option for our patient as she was no longer concerned about the audience seeing metal wires & brackets on her teeth because she believed braces was her only option. 🤔
Even better she is able to completely remove her Invisalign trays so she can enjoy whatever post competition celebration meal she likes with no food restrictions! 😝
Think Invisalign could improve your child’s confidence?
School holidays appointments are limited so please contact us today & book an appointment to avoid disappointment. 👏🏼
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