Missing 2 front Teeth – Fantastic transformation by Berwick Dental Studio

Despite having naturally missing 2 front teeth, May’s smile is now complete thanks to our same-day porcelain bridges! She had eagerly awaited the day to fill the gaps in her two front teeth her entire life, and her joy was palpable after the treatment. ✨
Same-day dental bridges not only provide the fastest and most durable solution for missing or damaged teeth, but they also offer a convenient way to restore her smile’s beauty and functionality.
We’re thrilled to have been a part of her journey to a confident, radiant smile. Ready to transform your smile like May?
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Gold standard in tooth replacement – Dental Implants!

At Berwick Dental Studio we offer the gold standard in tooth replacement – Dental Implants!
We will always encourage our patients to consider Dental implants as a first option for tooth replacement. They don’t only restore your smile but also preserve jaw bone health.
Precise Engineering: offering stability and durability.
Long- lasting Results: Dental implants have an impressive lifespan.
Aesthetics: Not only do they feel natural but also look the part.
PRESERVE Jaw Health: Implants stimulate jaw bone growth and prevent deterioration.
Swipe to see Dr. Tony with Implant gurus from America to bring back the latest in implant dentistry!
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Do you have a gap or 2 where a tooth used to live?

If you answer yes, you must read below!
When all our teeth are present, they work as a team for daily functions, such as chewing food and talking.
Losing a tooth can often start a domino effect. Teeth will move into a space that is free in order to find a more stable position.
E.g. If you remove a book from a bookshelf, the next book will fall into that space. This is the same with teeth!
It’s important to consult about replacement options with your dentist before it’s too late and treatment can become more complex!
What can I replace my gap(s) with?
* Dental implants
The most natural way!
* Dental Bridge
An artificial tooth held by adjacent teeth.
* Denture
Artificial, removable teeth that sit on your gums/ clip onto the remaining teeth.
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Pio came to us expressing his interest to fill his gaps and have a whiter, brighter, more even smile.
Dr. Adam had a time crunch to give him his dream smile before heading back home to visit his family!
He achieved the look with techniques such as composite crowns, porcelain crowns, and a partial denture to fill the gaps.
Pio and his wife were so thrilled with the results aswell as working with Dr.Adam, Mr. Oleg and our team.
We hope your family loved your new smile Pio!!
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Dental Implants are advanced and popular solutions for replacing missing teeth. They are designed to function and look like natural teeth, providing a long-term and durable solution for individuals who have lost one or more teeth.
Implants involve precision and accuracy. Our clinicians here take their time to treatment plan your case in order to get your new smile underway.
Swipe across to compare to pare with dentures! Dentures are another replacement option of course. Although implants will always be number 1 and highly recommended as a long term teeth replacement for you.
If you want more information about teeth replacement, Implants or Dentures…
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This particular patient got into a soccer accident and broke his front tooth.. ouch! ⚽️
Unfortunately the tooth was too broken to be saved and required a removal. Our GOAL was to fill the missing gap!
With one of the following options; Denture, Implant or Porcelain Bridge.
The patient went with Porcelain bridge. You can’t even tell! ✨
Do you have a gap you want filled?
Secure your spot now for this coming 12th of august for a complimentary consult valued at $400.
We wanna help transform your smile.
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This patient’s primary concern was a missing front tooth, and he was also experiencing difficulties while eating due to deteriorating dental work done elsewhere.
Using a combination of crowns and bridges, Dr. Tony not only restored the front tooth but also replaced and restored the missing back teeth, restoring full functionality!
Now our patient can savor his favorite foods without any trouble and confidently display that incredible smile! ✨
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Like many others our patient suffered from dental anxiety, which led to neglecting her dental health. This resulted in the development of gum disease, causing teeth to become unstable and even fall out!
Feeling embarrassed to smile, our patient urgently wanted to regain confidence. Despite having to remove two teeth due to gum disease, Dr. Chu made our patient’s dream smile a reality.
By using handcrafted porcelain veneers and a bridge, Dr. Chu replaced the missing teeth and enhanced the existing ones according to our patient’s desires. Her new smile is whiter, more even in size and shape, and absolutely amazing!
Schedule an appointment with Berwick Dental Studio today and discover how your future smile could look!
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A same day crown is essentially exactly how it sounds!
If you’ve ever had a crown done the traditional way, you’d be familiar with temporary plastic crowns & 2 week turnarounds…
Here at Berwick Dental Studio our on-site state of the art Cerec machine can create a porcelain ceramic crown for you in as little as 20 minutes! ⏰
This allows us to complete crown treatments from start to finish in the same appointment! Keeping it nice & convenient for our busy patients.
No more split appointments, less wait times & one less ! Everyone is happy!
Want to know more about same day crowns?
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