Our first Cosmetic OPEN DAY of the 2024 year!

We are excited to announce our first Cosmetic OPEN DAY of the year!
Are you sick of smiling without showing teeth?
Having gaps in your smile that you want filled?
Struggling to eat the foods you’ve been craving?
If you answered yes to any of the above, this day is calling your name!

Let’s transform your smile, build your confidence and work as a team so you can smile with no insecurities or restrictions.

A little bit more about the day…
1. You will receive our advanced Invisalign scan & smile simulation FREE of charge, valued at $400
2. You will be introduced to our AI powered treatment technology, allowing you to have FASTER results with LESS appointments and MORE feedback!
3. Food, show bags, refreshments. I mean come on!!

Secure your appointment ASAP so you don’t miss out. ‍♀️
Get in contact with us:☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

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3D digital scans to replicate your teeth!

3D digital scans to replicate your teeth!
Did you know Berwick Dental Studio offers SAME DAY CROWNS?
That’s right, you no longer have to wait weeks for your crown to be ready & have gross gooey moulds in your mouth. How good is that!
Scanning provides high precision and accuracy. With faster results than traditional moulds, less faults, and easier patient communication.
Enquire today & experience a 3D scan & leave that same day with a brand new tooth!
Note: Traditional moulds may still be preferred. For instance, some patients may have a more complex case in which it is needed for more record. Or if being provided for In house lab such as splints, mouth guards, whitening and retainers.
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

The Dental Airflow will be your new best friend

Are you sick of painful, uncomfortable, sensitive and time consuming cleans?
The Dental Airflow will be your new best friend.
It is a dental technique that uses a high pressure stream of air, water, and a specially formulated powder to remove stains, plaque, and Tatar from the teeth. It is an innovative and less invasive alternative to traditional dental cleans.
It’s proven to cause less discomfort, minimised scraping, faster procedure, reduced risk of damage, improved aesthetics by removing those hard to budge stains and it is most ideal for sensitive teeth!
They say it’s like a Dental Spa.. ‍♀️
Don’t believe us? Book in your clean and try it out yourself!
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

New CBCT scan (3D x-ray)

Who doesn’t love new toys!
Let me tell you why this new tech is exciting for you guys and not just us dental nerds.
Introducing our new CBCT scan (3D x-ray) at Berwick Dental Studio.
With access on site we no longer have to refer you elsewhere which saves you travel. Making treatment planning more effective whether it’s dental implants, orthodontic procedures or oral surgeries.
This is an advanced imaging technique used by dentists and oral health therapists to obtain detailed 3D images of your teeth, jawbone and surrounding structures.
We are always looking at new ways to help make your treatment quicker and easier.
Come try out our scanner!!
Get in contact with us:
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806

We are super excited with our latest addition that will turn your regular cleans into a dental spa experience ‍♀️

Introducing the Airflow! 🦷✨
Airflow takes seconds to remove plaque and stains making it an easier dental clean experience for you!
It is a high pressure water jet with special fine powder that removes plaque and staining effortlessly.
The airflow is much gentler on the gums and more comfortable for those who have sensitive teeth. It even uses warm water!
Don’t believe us? Book in an appointment to experience it today!
Get in contact with us:👇🏻
☎️ (03) 9002 4060
📍 1/12 Langmore Lane Berwick, 3806
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