This patient’s primary concern was a missing front tooth, and he was also experiencing difficulties while eating due to deteriorating dental work done elsewhere.
Using a combination of crowns and bridges, Dr. Tony not only restored the front tooth but also replaced and restored the missing back teeth, restoring full functionality!
Now our patient can savor his favorite foods without any trouble and confidently display that incredible smile! ✨
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Like many others our patient suffered from dental anxiety, which led to neglecting her dental health. This resulted in the development of gum disease, causing teeth to become unstable and even fall out!
Feeling embarrassed to smile, our patient urgently wanted to regain confidence. Despite having to remove two teeth due to gum disease, Dr. Chu made our patient’s dream smile a reality.
By using handcrafted porcelain veneers and a bridge, Dr. Chu replaced the missing teeth and enhanced the existing ones according to our patient’s desires. Her new smile is whiter, more even in size and shape, and absolutely amazing!
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Dr Jeremy & Nurse Alice ready for dental sedation! 💤

Dr Jeremy & Nurse Alice ready for sedation! 💤
Incase you didn’t know here at Berwick Dental Studio we offer sleep dentistry! 🦷
Struggle with dental phobia or dental anxiety? Go to sleep & wake up with all your overdue dental work done! Feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. 😌
Concerned sleep dentistry might be out of your budget? We offer payment plans so everyone has access to a comfortable dental experience. 💙
Make your dental health a main priority going into the new year. We promise you won’t regret it 👊🏼
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